Terry Steeper's Edison Amberola.

This Edison Amberola cylinder record player was orginally purchased by my Great Grandfather Eldon Steeper. I also have the collection of cylinder records. When the unit came into my possession, the main spring was broken. I disassembled the unit and carefully cut a new hole to hook the end of the spring to the drum to get it working. I also cut a new piece of cloth to replace the rotted grill cloth. There is only a couple marks on the top of the unit from a wet beverage glass, otherwise it is all the original finish. The serial number is 10726.

Edison Amberola Edison Amberola

Edison Amberola Edison Amberola

NOTE: Neither the player or any of the records are for sale.

The actual Edison cylinder record collection...
TITLE Artist(s) Number Audio
My Uncle's Farm Billy Golden And Joe Hughes 1511 MP3
The Preacher And The Bear Arthur Collins 1560 MP3
Serenade (Kotzschmar) The Tollefsen Trio 1570 No
She Was Bred In Old Kentucky Manuel Romain And Chorus 1572 MP3
St. Luke 23: 33 to 38 and Calvary Rev William H. Morgan &
Edison Mixed Quartet
1641 MP3
It's Nice When You Love A Wee Lassie Harry Lauder 1820 MP3
I Love A Lassie Harry Lauder 1821 MP3
Doctor's Testimonials Billy Golden And Joe Hughes 1880 No
Silver Bell American Standard Orchestra 1998 MP3
Where Is My Wandering Boy Tonight Edison Mixed Quartet 2125 MP3
Rev. 21: 21 to 25, and The Gate Ajar For Me Rev Madison C. Peters &
Edison Mixed Quartet
2219 MP3
Si Perkins' Barn Dance Ada Jones & L. Spencer 2280 MP3
O Canada Irving Gillette And Mixed Chorus 2287 MP3
Going Back To Arkansas Billy Golden And Joe Hughes 2308 MP3
God Save The King National Military Band &
Peter Dawson
2438 MP3
It's A Long Way To Tipperary Albert Farrington & Male Chorus 2487 MP3
The Little Ford Rambled Right Along Murray 2556 MP3
I'm On My Way To Dublin Bay Jaudas' Society Orchestra 2654 MP3
War Talk At Pun'kin Center Cal Stewart 2657 MP3
We'll Never Let The Old Flag Fall Frederick Wheeler &
Male Chorus
2746 MP3
The Hospital Patients Billy Golden And James Marlowe 2981 MP3
American Patrol New York Military Band 3221 MP3
Where Do We Go From Here A. Fields 3260 MP3
Over There Billy Murray 3275 MP3
Long Boy S. Porter 3365 MP3
Any Old Place The Gang Goes Ed Meeker 3564 MP3
Second Mazurka (piano Solo) A Benoist 3578 MP3
If He Can Fight Like He Can Love, Good Night Germany Elaine Gordon 3593 MP3
Watch The Bee Go Get The Hun Ed Meeker 3614 MP3
The Bird And The Saxophone (Whistling) Sibyl Sanderson Fagan 4297 MP3
Somebody's Mother Crescent Trio 4315 MP3
YO-LAY-EE-OO (Means I Love You) Marguerite Farrell 4408 MP3
Breakfast In Bed Harry Lauder 23017 MP3
Just Like Bein' At Hame Harry Lauder 23163 MP3

I have done some searching on the net and still not been able to find a few of these recordings anywhere. The MP3 files supplied here have been downloaded free from www.beemp3.com .

Any questions, go to my contact page for the email address.